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How to create a fun fairy tea party!

Roe Fairy Tea Set

Rose Fairy Tea Set

By adding just a few simple touches to a plain tea party theme, you can transform any tea party event into something extraordinarily magical and fun – a fairy tea party!  Use our tips to create an enchanting fairy tea party , or  pick our  Fairy Tea Party Box for a hassle-free afternoon of fairy wings and tea among the flowers

With the addition of some sparkling fairy wings, fairy wands and floral touches your tea party venue can become a wooded glen full of fun surprises and fun.

 Fairy Tea Party Decorating Tips

For quick tea table transformation, sprinkle silk or real flower petals over the table cloth (and/or the floor) to give the room a magical feel.  Most florists will give you a bag of petals for free or nearly free, left over from arrangements.

  • White lights wrapped in tulle or inexpensive white or pastel sheers add a soft, magical backdrop. Use these to soften walls, doors and ceilings – you will be amazed at the atmosphere these create!
  • Wind strings of silk or plastic ivy around the base of the tea pot, chairs and table legs to create an outdoor, forest feel.  Use as drapery tie-backs, line around doorways or any area that needs camouflage.
  • Dangle nylon butterflies from the chandelier and doorways, or even suspend with string of fishing line from the ceiling (butterflies are the special helpers of the fairies).   You can make your own by bending 2 wire coathangers into wing shapes, twist and wrap the hooked ends and secure with electrical tape to avoid sharp ends.  Slide on the leg of a pair of white stockings over each “wing” – decorate with paint, glitter, etc.  The birthday girl can help do this but it takes a little elbow grease to get them shaped just right!
  • Turn a large cardboard box into a fairy mushroom hideaway – the girls will love crawling inside through a cutout doorway.  Paint the outside of your box with craft or poster paint to look like a toadstool (don’t worry about your artistic abilities – a toadstool is just a half circle on top of a rectangular base).  Paint or attach silk flowers, dragonflies, and other forest friends (this is a perfect photo op when each girl peeks out of the door!).  Further adorn the “house” with ivy, etc .— fairies don’t want their homes to be found, after all!  Not an artist?  Trace creatures using a child’s art projector.

 Fairy Costumes




  • Supply each little fairy with a pair of fairy wings and fairy tutu, and ask each guest to come to the party with a leotard or tank top for the top of the costume.   Our Fairy Tea Party box includes complete fairy dress up sets for all of your guests!lavfairy



    Dust each little pixie’s cheeks and eyelids with cosmetic glitter.Spritz those who would like it with some watered-down floral perfume.

  •  Consider face paints found in craft stores to draw butterflies, stars, swirls, etc. on any child that would like it on their cheek or upper arm. 

Fairy Tea  Time

  • Add a drop or two of food coloring to your brewed caffeine-free green or white tea to make “Fairy Tea”.   After the tea has been poured (the birthday fairy can do this if she is able), ask each child what their tea tastes like – bubblegum, mint, lollipops, candy canes, cotton candy?  Fairy Tea is collected from the morning dewdrops and magically tastes however you wish- sometimes the taste changes with each sip!  😉
  •  Serve the tea in beautiful child’s tea cups
  • Sprinkle iced cookies or mini cupcakes with edible glitter.
  • Create your own flower-shaped fruit kabobs or edible fruit arrangements using cookie cutters.  If you’re brave, serve a chocolate or honey dipping sauce.
  • Create little toadstool salads using a boiled egg for the base and a halved tomato for the top!  Serve on a bed of lettuce with salad dressing for dipping.

 Fairy Tea  Party Activities

  • When it’s time to sing the birthday song, have the fairies encircle the birthday girl and dance around like fairies while they sing and shower her with flower petals (real or silk).   Have each fairy announce her birthday wish for the guest of honor.
  • If the weather is nice, give each girl a fairy treasure pouch (organza bag) and go outdoors for a fairy tea party scavenger hunt with a list of treasure to find (plastic necklace, ring, flower-shaped eraser, butterfly bubbles, etc).
  • If the children are older, plant mini fairy gardens in flower pots for each girl to take home.  Younger girls can make tissue paper flowers easily out of glittery tissue paper and chenille sticks/pipecleaners (spritz with floral body spray if desired).

 Special Fairy Tea Party Touches

  • Send each child a special thank you note with the photo of her peeking outside of your fairy mushroom house!

   We hope these ideas will help you create an enchanting, magical fairy tea party for your little girl!  Visit our online tea party store at www.TeaPartyTreasures.com for the best selection of fairy tea party accessories, dress up, tea sets and more!


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