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Princess Tea Party Ideas, Tips and and Supplies

 castleboxLittle girls love princess tea parties and in today’s economy, many moms are opting to host their little princess’s tea party at home instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an off-site party venue.  Here we show you how, by adding just a few simple touches, you can transform your dining or living room into a Princess Tea Party  that fits like a glass slipper!

Princess Tea Party Decorating Tips

Create instant princess magic by following these tried-and-true party tips!  Sprinkle silk flower petals over the table cloth to give it an enchanted feel.  Wrap small, white  lights in tulle or inexpensive white sheers to add a soft, sparkling backdrop.   Wind strings of silk or plastic ivy and/or flowers around a pretty pink tea pot, chairs and table legs to create dressed-up feeling in the room.    

Princess Attire

If you’re game, dress up like a queen or princess yourself!  Dad or big brothers can put on a tux or suit and become a waiter for the day to help out.  Our Princess Tea Party box comes with a princess dress for each child – best of all it comes straight to your doorstep at an unbelievably great price (saves gas, too!): princesspartybox

  •  8 Personalized Tea Party Invitations
  • 8 Princess Dresses (choose size and color)
  • 8 Sparkling star wands 
  • 8 sets white gloves 
  • 8 Fancy bead necklaces
  • 8 Silver Tiaras
  • 8 Pink Rose Organza party bags /purses
  • 8 Glitter Lip Gloss accessories
  • 8 Plastic Tea Cups
  • Pink Dress Up Trunk w/Lid
  • Pink Tea
  • Princess Napkins (16)
  • Princess Plates (8)
  • Pink Cutlery (51 forks/knives/spoons)
  • Pink Tablecover

Princess Tea Time

Serve the tea in child’s tea cups that are sized just right for little hands or use our pretty pink princess tea set with tiered server, tea cups, tea pot and more (extra tea cups can be added)!  Use the server for bite-sized tidibts like small iced cookies,  mini cupcakes, fruit, cheese squares and fruit.  

Princess Tea  Party Activities

Have a princess scavenger hunt using organza bags – prepare a list of “treasure” to find (lip gloss, necklaces, wands, etc.) TIP:  instruct each child to pick up only one of each item to avoid tears.   When it’s time to sing the birthday song, have the guests encircle the birthday princess and sing Happy Birthday while they shower her with flower petals (real or silk).   Paint a large, cardboard box into a princess castle – the girls will love crawling inside through a cutout doorway! Paint the outside of your box with a rectangular sponge dipped in gray paint in scattered rows to mimic castle block walls…fill in with black paint…easy!  Adorn the “castle” with glued-on silk flowers, ivy, etc. if desired.  Take pictures of the girls peeking out for beautiful princess pictures to send to each guest!

Extra Princess Tea Party Tips

Don’t overschedule your party – tired girls equals whining and no fun.  rosecakeThe rule of thumb is not more than 1.5 hours for small children, and no more than 2 hours for 5 and up.  One or two activities plus tea time and gift opening is more than ample.  Have the birthday girl sit in a special “Princess Chair” (dining room chair decorated with tulle bows) and each guest can present her gift one at a time.  Develop photos right after the party and send each child a special thank you note with photos taken at the party, like the enchanted castle photo, tea party dining, etc. 

Visit us online for tons of great tea party tips, supplies and unique items to make your child’s princess tea party extra special!  www.TeaPartyTreasures.com


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Who knew a little girl all dressed up would be such a hit? We did!

Fancy Nancy has re-ignited the fun and creativity of dressing up and having a tea party. Well, I’ve been a Fancy Nancy since I can remember…and now I am thrilled to be able to outfit a whole new generation of girls in fancy duds!
Tea Party Treasures is proud to offer dress up accessories, tea party dress up sets, crafts and more dedicated to little girls (and the little girl inside of us big girls) everywhere!
Fancy pink tea party hats, dress up pearls, dress up gloves, child’s feather boas – you’ll find it all in our store! 

If you planning a Fancy Nancy birthday party, try our Tea Party in a Box – stress-free party planning in a convenient package delivered right to your doorstep! This beautiful tea party comes with real teacups, dress up pieces and favors for your guests…and with the cost of gas, it makes even more sense!
Even Nancy herself would approve 🙂

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