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Princess Tea Party Ideas, Tips and and Supplies

 castleboxLittle girls love princess tea parties and in today’s economy, many moms are opting to host their little princess’s tea party at home instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an off-site party venue.  Here we show you how, by adding just a few simple touches, you can transform your dining or living room into a Princess Tea Party  that fits like a glass slipper!

Princess Tea Party Decorating Tips

Create instant princess magic by following these tried-and-true party tips!  Sprinkle silk flower petals over the table cloth to give it an enchanted feel.  Wrap small, white  lights in tulle or inexpensive white sheers to add a soft, sparkling backdrop.   Wind strings of silk or plastic ivy and/or flowers around a pretty pink tea pot, chairs and table legs to create dressed-up feeling in the room.    

Princess Attire

If you’re game, dress up like a queen or princess yourself!  Dad or big brothers can put on a tux or suit and become a waiter for the day to help out.  Our Princess Tea Party box comes with a princess dress for each child – best of all it comes straight to your doorstep at an unbelievably great price (saves gas, too!): princesspartybox

  •  8 Personalized Tea Party Invitations
  • 8 Princess Dresses (choose size and color)
  • 8 Sparkling star wands 
  • 8 sets white gloves 
  • 8 Fancy bead necklaces
  • 8 Silver Tiaras
  • 8 Pink Rose Organza party bags /purses
  • 8 Glitter Lip Gloss accessories
  • 8 Plastic Tea Cups
  • Pink Dress Up Trunk w/Lid
  • Pink Tea
  • Princess Napkins (16)
  • Princess Plates (8)
  • Pink Cutlery (51 forks/knives/spoons)
  • Pink Tablecover

Princess Tea Time

Serve the tea in child’s tea cups that are sized just right for little hands or use our pretty pink princess tea set with tiered server, tea cups, tea pot and more (extra tea cups can be added)!  Use the server for bite-sized tidibts like small iced cookies,  mini cupcakes, fruit, cheese squares and fruit.  

Princess Tea  Party Activities

Have a princess scavenger hunt using organza bags – prepare a list of “treasure” to find (lip gloss, necklaces, wands, etc.) TIP:  instruct each child to pick up only one of each item to avoid tears.   When it’s time to sing the birthday song, have the guests encircle the birthday princess and sing Happy Birthday while they shower her with flower petals (real or silk).   Paint a large, cardboard box into a princess castle – the girls will love crawling inside through a cutout doorway! Paint the outside of your box with a rectangular sponge dipped in gray paint in scattered rows to mimic castle block walls…fill in with black paint…easy!  Adorn the “castle” with glued-on silk flowers, ivy, etc. if desired.  Take pictures of the girls peeking out for beautiful princess pictures to send to each guest!

Extra Princess Tea Party Tips

Don’t overschedule your party – tired girls equals whining and no fun.  rosecakeThe rule of thumb is not more than 1.5 hours for small children, and no more than 2 hours for 5 and up.  One or two activities plus tea time and gift opening is more than ample.  Have the birthday girl sit in a special “Princess Chair” (dining room chair decorated with tulle bows) and each guest can present her gift one at a time.  Develop photos right after the party and send each child a special thank you note with photos taken at the party, like the enchanted castle photo, tea party dining, etc. 

Visit us online for tons of great tea party tips, supplies and unique items to make your child’s princess tea party extra special!  www.TeaPartyTreasures.com


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Rainbow Tea Party Supplies and Ideas

A Rainbow Tea Party is a celebration of God’s promises to us. Colors are used to symbolize each of these promises. We have lots of ideas for you in planning your Rainbow Tea Party as well as supplies to help make your tea party a fun, successful event!

First, it’s important to understand the significance of each color:

  • RED-Christ’s precious blood (the greatest gift)
  • BLACK-Sin/death/night
  • WHITE-Christ’s purity / God’s grace
  • GREEN-new growth – being reborn as a Christian – renewal
  • PURPLE-the royalty of Christ the King; Prince of Peace
  • BLUE-dawn of new Day
  • YELLOW-Fear – as it relates to the awe of God. Can also represent sunrise / rebirth
  • ORANGE sunset – closure of one day into the next

If it’s for children, there is also a “Jellybean Prayer” that goes along with the colors of the rainbow. The meanings are also Christian, but a little simpler for children to understand.

Decorating your table for a Rainbow Tea Party

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your table look great. Use these ideas and add your imagination as you brainstorm with your team.

Table Cover – pick up a few yard of solid-color fabric OR even a plastic table cover from the Dollar Store (plastic ones tend to be thin, so purchase a few and layer).

  • Centerpiece – you want height and drama here to draw people to your table. Select a tall vase, jar, garden container or a styrofoam cone as the base. This can even be something your team already has at home. Be creative and think out of the box! Most rainbow tea parties select a winner for the best table, so creativity is key. Fill containers with natural or silk flowers, even tissue paper flowers or bows tied on the ends of chenille sticks work great. Insert your flowers into a styrofoam cone or balls stacked smallest to largest, covering completely. Tall, clear vases can be filled with gumballs, candies, fruit, etc. in your color. You can also wrap boxes in solid-color gift wrap and stack them as a reminder of the gifts we received from God (glue together to prevent tumbling).


  • Tulle is cheap and plentiful in a rainbow of colors. Use it to drape swags around your table, tie bows on the four corners, tuck into baskets of goodies, etc. Battery-operated lights look heavenly wrapped it tulle: use them to wrap around bases of your centerpiece or string behind the tulle in the front of your table edge.
  • Display your items (especially if you’re selling items as a fundraiser with the rainbow tea party) with some pizzazz. Colored plastic bowls, Chinese take-out gift boxes, even inverted frisbees can hold your items. Small, plastic storage totes come in every color imaginable. Tuck paper napkins your solid color down into baskets with matching bows.

Food and Drink

Luckily, fruits,veggies, and candies come in just about every color of the rainbow! Yellow offers lemons, squash, tomatoes, peppers. Purple gives you grapes, eggplant, berries, cabbage. Red can be found in strawberries, cherries, tomatoes. Black and blue are the tough ones, but a drop of food coloring added to a dish as well as candies can help get the creative juices flowing.

Keep an open mind as you peruse the produce section of the supermarket when planning your menu. Also, most cereals come in a multitude of color choices which makes cereal/marshmallow treats a snap. Cupcakes and cookies are easily colored with sprinkles and icing to match. Check the local craft supply store for colored chocolate melts, perfect for dipping pretzels, nuts, fruits, etc. as well as making chocolate pops with a plastic mold.

Tea can be offered in our pretty rainbow tea cups, either at your table or as part of the luncheon. Brew white tea and add a few drops of food coloring to match, or make ice cubes with little candy treats frozen inside (skittles work great) to match your theme. Even edible flowers can be frozen inside of ice cubes! Colored juices can be mixed with sparkling water or club soda to make punch, too (this is a good idea if you expect children).Don’t forget to have the entire team wear clothing to the Rainbow Tea Party in your color! Wear fun colored beads if you don’t have anything in the color – these can be found for just a few dollars at any party store.

We hope these ideas get you on your way to having a great day of fun and fellowship at your Rainbow Tea Party!

Blessings to all ~ Tea Party Treasures

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Child’s Tea Sets

Child's Tea Set - personalize it!A child’s tea set is a keepsake gift that will be remembered long after the toys are put away for more “grown up” things.  When selecting a tea set, there are several important things to keep in mind to ensure a lifetime of happy memories and safety.

All tea sets are not created equal and, with the recent lead and other scares regarding children’s toys your child is too important to take a risk.  Plastic tea sets will be broken and forgotten, so we think it best to choose a beautiful yet sturdy tea set that will be there to be passed down to generations of tea party hosts and/or put on display.  polkadotteasetThroughout this article are examples of our gorgeous porcelain tea sets that come in many styles and colors that you can customize for your child.  Free personalization is included as an added bonus! 

Names can be added on the tea tray and/or tea pot, and you can choose cutout letters or handpainted lettering.  Each tea set includes all pieces as shown.

Most importantly, our tea sets are handmade here in the USA by artists that use safe paints and glazes and fire your tea set in their own kilns.  This means that your little girl can realiviaally drink from her tea cups, fill her tea pot with water or any safe liquid and serve it to her guests safely.  The finished product is just like a coffee or tea mug you have in your cupboard, not a mass-produced toy that came across the ocean.

The artists we work with are moms who will also happily add an inscription to the back of your tea tray; some have just written the date and occasion while others sweetpicklesteasetinclude sentiments to pass on to their special daughters, grandchildren and nieces.   

Due to the delicacy of our tea sets, please hand-wash each piece upon receipt and after each use.  Avoid oven, dishwasher, etc.  for best results.  Allow the artist up to 3 weeks to paint, glaze, fire and ship your child’s tea set – so please keep in mind when ordering.  View our website to see a complete gallery of all available child’s tea sets.  There are also other styles of tea sets on our site – let us create a memory for you!  www.TeaPartyTreasures.com 

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I often get asked for advice, tips and ideas for making a girl’s tea party a success – so I thought I’d publish them here for all to view! Now at the risk of offending professionals that do this for a living, here are some guaranteed strategies for ensuring your success:

1. Have a Plan

The best advice I can give to you, Mom, is to plan ahead!
If you’re reading this, you are obviously a smart cookie and don’t need me to give you that advice.

Every child’s tea party needs structure (idle time spells headaches and stress when small children are involved). The more planning now, the more relaxed and fun your party day.

TIP: I recommend no more than 90 mins. for ages 3-4, and no more than 120 mins. for 5 and up.

2. Recruit Helpers

If your tea party is for 5 or more girls, get help!
At least one helper per 4-5 girls is a good ratio. This can be a mature teen, an aunt, grandma – anyone you feel would help supervise and keep your tea party on track. Even Dad can put on his tux and be Prince Charming or the waiter for the day 🙂
The good news is that most tea parties are intimate and small with 10 or fewer guests.
Be sure and recruit your help several weeks in advance so if your first choice falls through, you’ll have time to find others who can help.

3. Get a Jump On It

Many tea parties are hosted right in the dining room.
If you are decorating, do this the night before. Spread out your table cover and set up your craft items (if you’ve purchased our Tea Party Hat Kits, set up stations with the hat, pile of flowers, leaves, tulle, feathers, etc.). If you have our Tea Party Box, look through the contents several days prior. Rinse teacups and tea pot and have them ready to go in the kitchen. Place several pink lemonade tea bags in the teapot and have hot water simmering on the stove to add just before serving.

If you are having a dressing area for the girls to change, set that up, too. Lay out the tea party dress up pieces behind the dress up area in sets for each girl so they know exactly what to do. Set a large, paper gift bag with each child’s name written on it containing her dress up pieces, and instruct them to replace them with the street clothes after they’ve changed. No scurrying about later looking for lost shoes! If available, keep a floor-length mirror near the changing area for girls to get a look at their tea party outfits – keep a camera handy to capture this priceless moment!

Set up the fashion show area in another room (like the living room). An inexpensive roll of paper can be used for the runway, and keep your disco music queued up and ready to go!

TIP: Show your helper where everything is located and how you want it handled so it runs smoothly. BONUS: Get a disposable camera for each helper so you don’t miss a moment!

If you are doing makeovers, have your station ready to go. Keep baby wipes at the station and a hand mirror for each child to get a look at her gorgeous face! Use cotton swabs to apply lip gloss and eye shadow for sanitary reasons. Keep it simple: lip gloss, a dusting of glitter on her cheeks and forehead, eyeshadow and possibly a spritz of watered-down perfume.

It’s a good idea to let the party helper run this for you while you’re greeting your guests as the entry activity.

4. Decor

In our Tea Party Box, we include a pink table cover and lace tablecloth as an overlay. This makes a pretty tabletop and has a bonus – the pink table cover can be used during craft time and the lace tablecloth laid over it or replaced for tea time!

  • White or pink sheers with white lights strung behind them create a soft, magical feel as do shaped party lights.
  • Play soft music in the background to set the mood prior to guests arrival.
  • Use battery-operated tea lights in votives surrounded by silk flower rings.
  • Drape pearls over your chandelier and photo frames.
  • Purchase inexpensive polyester lace curtains just for party day.
  • Paint a rectangular piece of cardboard white and write “Jenny’s Tea Parlor” (replace name) and either paint roses and vines or use stickers or stencils. Hang this on your front door.

5. Tea Party Food for Girls

Save the clotted cream and lemon curd for adults – girls will not like the looks or the name of either of them enough to want to try it out.
Cheese cubes, small cupcakes, sliced fruit, pretty cookies are good tea party fare.
Prepare tea sandwiches (pb&j is fine) cut out with heart, flower or butterfly cookie cutters (stay away from cucumber and cream cheese unless the children are much older).
Brownies prepared in small cupcake tins look fancy – just dust with powdered sugar or swirl with frosting.
Allow the tea to steep a few minutes before tea time to allow it to cool enough for the children to drink.
Whatever you decide to serve, keep the refreshments in the kitchen until you’re ready for the girls to eat (after craft time).

6. The Plan of Action

As children arrive, have your helper lead them to the makeover area. This leaves you free to greet guests as they arrive, thank them for coming and make introductions.
Try to wait until nearly all of your party guests have arrived before moving on to the dress up activity – but no more than 10 minutes past the party start time.
Have a helper keep a camera close by so you can snap a photo of each girl (see my picture taking tips article).

Once half of or more of the girls have had their makeover, it’s time to take control of the party. Announce a group welcome your guests and give them a brief overview of what you will be doing at the tea party. For example,

Thank you all so much for coming to Jenny’s Tea Party! We’re so glad you’re here and we’re going to have so much fun! After your makeover, we’re going to make our own tea party hats and get dressed up. Once everyone has finished their hat and has on their dress up things, we’ll have a fashion show! After that, we’ll have yummy tea party treats and tea! Jenny will open each of your presents in the Birthday Girl Chair after we eat and I’ll be taking lots of pictures, so I hope you brought your sweetest smiles!”

Your little guests will love to hear the party plan in advance and you’ve answered all of their questions – but still be ready to gently go over the plan again as small children like to know what’s next.

7. Keeping The Fun Going
If you have a small group, everyone can do the same thing at the same time (hat making, dress up, etc). If you are having a large group – more than 8 – divide them into two groups – one adult per group. Tell the girls which activity their group will do first and who to go with, and that they need to stay in their group . Assure them that they’ll get to do everything at the tea party – little ones will worry that they won’t get to do everything.

The dress up group can go change into their costumes while the tea party hat craft group gets started.
Remind the dress up group about the bag with their name on it if you are using these.
If one of the girls wanders away from her group, gently remind her to go back to her group.

8. Fashion Show
Once each group has had a chance to do both activities (dress up and hat making), it’s time for the fashion show! I recommend that this is in another area of the house so that the helper(s) can be cleaning up the crafts and setting up the tea table, preparing the tea and food, ensuring the clothing is in the right bags, etc. while you conduct the fashion show.

Line up the girls and play some fun music while you announce them one at a time. “Check out Katie’s gorgeous outfit! That hat is too fancy for words!” Clap and take a photos while they pose.
“Next, here’s Cassie in her fabulous feathers – what a doll!”
Continue until all girls have had a chance to show off their hats and outfits.
Take a group photo for the Thank You cards and the scrapbook!

9. Tea Time!

About 30 minutes before the end of the party, it’s time for tea!
It should take about 15-20 minutes to sing Happy Birthday, serve tea and treats.
Serve the Birthday Girl first – she is the guest of honor, after all!
Let her pour the tea if you think she is able to handle the teapot on her own.
Most young children love sugar cubes – have her ask them if they’d like one lump or two….this is sure to bring giggles.

Children will most likely be too excited to even eat what’s on their plate and will more than likely just lick the icing off of a cupcake and announce that they’re done…not to worry, this is just part of the excitement of a birthday party. Try to keep children at the table until everyone is finished by explaining that little ladies have to use their best manners at tea time.

TIP: If spills happen, quickly clean up and reassure the child that accidents happen – make light of it and change the conversation to another topic to avoid hurt feelings. Keep a spray bottle of club soda and cloth nearby for quick cleanup.

Have your helper(s) set up the Birthday Girl chair and gifts in another room (probably where you had the fashion show) while tea and treats are being served.

10. Gift Opening / Close

About 15-20 minutes prior to the end of the party, usher the children into the gift opening area. Your wonderful helpers will have a decorated chair (this can be a dining room chair with a fancy, shiny cloth or big bow or both!) and another chair next to it, and gifts at the ready. Announce that Jenny will sit in the Birthday Girl chair and they may come and sit next to her one at a time. Tell them you’ll let them know when it’s their turn. My advice is that you go in order from youngest to oldest to avoid the wiggles and wandering. If you have a child that simply cannot sit still, let a helper usher them into another room to change while the rest of the children watch the gift opening. Have your child thank each of her guests individually. After all gifts have been opened, allow the children to change back into their clothing. By now, parents should be arriving – have helpers watch the door and quietly show them where they can wait for their child.

During the gift ceremony, have the helpers get the tea party favors if you are using them.

TIP: present gift bags as children are leaving – if given prior to that, they can’t resist going through the bag, losing the bag, etc. This way, they can look through it on the ride home and be sure they’ve not forgotten anything.

If you are giving the dress up items as favors, simply let them stay in their tea party dress up so the parents can make a big fuss over them when they arrive to collect their child.

I hope these tips help you plan, host and carry out the most tea-riffic party ever!  Visit us at www.TeaPartyTreasures.com for everything you need for any tea party!

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By its very nature, every girls tea party offers the perfect chance to capture genuinely gorgeous photographs of your little birthday girl and her guests!
Freeze those precious moments in time and take nearly professional, candid photographs of your tea party with these tips:

1.  Most young guests can’t sit still (and don’t want to stop having fun) long enough to take a photo.  Good opportunities are when they first get dressed up in their tea party outfits and they want to show off!  Also, get them to pose when they’re proud to show you something – like the tea party hat they’ve made with our fun kits!

2. Gift opening time offers automatic crowd control – let the gift giver sit in a special chair next to the Birthday Girl and pose for a photograph (allow the guest to remain in the chair while the present is opened).

3. Group photographs can be difficult to execute; especially if your tea party is attended by children younger than 4. A time-tested trick to get them all together at once is to have them all show off their tea party hats that they’ve made. For example, “on the count of three, I want everyone to give me a big smile and let me see those gorgeous, fancy hats you’ve made!” If you’ve done makeovers, something similar like, “OK, girls, let’s see who has the most sparkly lips”!

The following is a list of moments to capture at your tea party:

*Birthday Girl prior to her tea party, waiting for her guests to arrive, full of excitement. Big smiles guaranteed for this one! Let her show off the decorations, proudly present the tea table, pretend to pour tea from the teapot into a teacup, etc.

*Birthday Girl greeting each guest at the door (be ready with your camera)

*Birthday Girl wearing her Birthday Girl Hat at the tea table surrounded by her friends – take several from different angles while they’re talking, eating, laughing, etc. They will forget you are there and you’ll get lots of unrehearsed, candid shots.

*Close-up of birthday girl blowing out her candles, serving refreshments, pouring the tea.

*For makeovers or dress up time, have each child look into a hand or full-length mirror. Take a shot of her reflection in the mirror wearing her tea party dress up outfit. This truly makes magical photographs.

*Candid shots during the tea party hat craft, games, gift opening, etc.

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Who knew a little girl all dressed up would be such a hit? We did!

Fancy Nancy has re-ignited the fun and creativity of dressing up and having a tea party. Well, I’ve been a Fancy Nancy since I can remember…and now I am thrilled to be able to outfit a whole new generation of girls in fancy duds!
Tea Party Treasures is proud to offer dress up accessories, tea party dress up sets, crafts and more dedicated to little girls (and the little girl inside of us big girls) everywhere!
Fancy pink tea party hats, dress up pearls, dress up gloves, child’s feather boas – you’ll find it all in our store! 

If you planning a Fancy Nancy birthday party, try our Tea Party in a Box – stress-free party planning in a convenient package delivered right to your doorstep! This beautiful tea party comes with real teacups, dress up pieces and favors for your guests…and with the cost of gas, it makes even more sense!
Even Nancy herself would approve 🙂

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