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Child’s Tea Sets

Child's Tea Set - personalize it!A child’s tea set is a keepsake gift that will be remembered long after the toys are put away for more “grown up” things.  When selecting a tea set, there are several important things to keep in mind to ensure a lifetime of happy memories and safety.

All tea sets are not created equal and, with the recent lead and other scares regarding children’s toys your child is too important to take a risk.  Plastic tea sets will be broken and forgotten, so we think it best to choose a beautiful yet sturdy tea set that will be there to be passed down to generations of tea party hosts and/or put on display.  polkadotteasetThroughout this article are examples of our gorgeous porcelain tea sets that come in many styles and colors that you can customize for your child.  Free personalization is included as an added bonus! 

Names can be added on the tea tray and/or tea pot, and you can choose cutout letters or handpainted lettering.  Each tea set includes all pieces as shown.

Most importantly, our tea sets are handmade here in the USA by artists that use safe paints and glazes and fire your tea set in their own kilns.  This means that your little girl can realiviaally drink from her tea cups, fill her tea pot with water or any safe liquid and serve it to her guests safely.  The finished product is just like a coffee or tea mug you have in your cupboard, not a mass-produced toy that came across the ocean.

The artists we work with are moms who will also happily add an inscription to the back of your tea tray; some have just written the date and occasion while others sweetpicklesteasetinclude sentiments to pass on to their special daughters, grandchildren and nieces.   

Due to the delicacy of our tea sets, please hand-wash each piece upon receipt and after each use.  Avoid oven, dishwasher, etc.  for best results.  Allow the artist up to 3 weeks to paint, glaze, fire and ship your child’s tea set – so please keep in mind when ordering.  View our website to see a complete gallery of all available child’s tea sets.  There are also other styles of tea sets on our site – let us create a memory for you!  www.TeaPartyTreasures.com 


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