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Choosing a tea party favor for girls can be tricky, especially when you have girls of all different ages at your tea party.  We’ll help you find favors for any tea party that fit like a glove!

Tea Party HatTea Party Favors for All Girls

Girls of all ages at your tea party will love favors like boas, gloves, pearls and hats.  Check out these tea party hat kits – they are a tea party activity, dress up piece and favor all in one!  Each girl gets a straw hat, lots and lots of pretty, silk flowers, tulle, ribbon and easy instructions.  Have a fashion show afterward!

Tea Party Favors for Little Girls

If you have little girls coming to your tea party, try to give favors that they cannot choke on, break or lose easily.  Good favors for little girls 4 and dressupsunder include pretty tea party cookies, larger dress up pieces (gloves, hat, pearl necklace), or stickers.  Stay away from small vials of lip gloss, glitter, or small rings that can be swallowed, eaten or lost.  With dress up pieces as tea party favors, girls can wear them during the party and then go home all dressed up, too!

Tea Party Favors for Older Girls

teapartypurseGirls ages 5-10 can be given favors with smaller parts, as well as the dress up items mentioned above.  Favor a great girls tea party favor that’s all-in-one, we suggest this tea party purse that comes filled with a necklace, bracelet, gloves, notepad and 2 mini pink slippers.  You can even take out the contents and hide them for a tea party treasure hunt game!  These paticular tea party favors would also work well for a little girls princess party, as well.

Tea Party Favors for Older Girls, Teens and Ladies

teacupfavorsOlder girls aged 11 and up as well as teens (and even ladies) will appreciate tea party favors that are thoughtful and out-of-the-ordinary.  A pretty pink or ivory porcelain tea cup and saucer that comes with tea and a golden spoon is always a hit, and comes pre-wrapped and ready to give. 

Beautiful tea party cookies with cameos, monograms, pretty Victorian shoes, tea pots and tea cups on them are beautiful for any tea party event and last up to 4 weeks left unwrapped.  These gorgeous teacookiescookies are also popular with brides for bridal shower or wedding tea favors, but girls of all ages love them…if you can get them to forget about how pretty they are and take a bite!

Large gatherings of girls or ladies might require you to put together your own tea party favors.  If so, we’ve got wholesale prices on tea cups that you can order and fill however you wish – with candies, baubles, tea, a poem or whatever seems to be right.  Lastly, consider things like candles in tea cups or fun little porcelain tea pot shaped night lights – these are tea party favors that older girls and ladies will use and think fondly of your tea party each time they do!  Still undecided?  Take a look at these adorable tea set gift boxes that you can fill with whatever you want, and order colors to match your tea party!

No matter what you decide, we hope that our tips and ideas will help you select just right tea party favors for girls of all ages.  



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